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At Ayrshire Canopy Cleaning, We provide specialized deep cleaning services for commercial kitchens in the Ayrshire area aswell as throughout the whole of Scotland.

Our company specializes in the removal of grease and fat from kitchen extraction systems as well as deep cleaning to ensure that all aspects of your kitchen and equipment are thoroughly cleaned.


We are here to help you follow guidelines and abide by the law, as outlined in the Health and Safety Act 1974 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 852/2004.


With the use of special chemicals and equipment, Our team will ensure that your kitchen extraction system is clean, compliant, and safe.

As part of our services, we provide a free quotation, a detailed report with advisory notes, pre/post cleaning photographs, as well as your TR19 Certification and all COSSH safety data sheets.

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  • What is a kitchen canopy?
    A kitchen canopy, also referred to as a kitchen hood, exhaust hood, or range hood is a common feature in both domestic and commercial kitchens. Placed above equipment such as ovens and fryers, canopies work to remove all airborne 'contaminants' produced as a result of cooking, funnelling steam, heat, smoke, and grease out of the kitchen environment through a system of ductwork and fans. Though canopies are generally highly useful in the maintenance of a safe, comfortable kitchen environment, they may become a fire risk where poorly maintained and allowed to harbour grease and fat deposits. For this reason, many regulatory bodies and insurance providers stipulate that commercial kitchen canopies should be cleaned to TR-19 standards by accredited professionals on a basis suited to usage levels.
  • Why is kitchen canopy cleaning important?
    For commercial kitchen spaces to remain safe and legal, extract systems - including canopies - must be cleaned regularly. When canopy and extract systems are not properly maintained, they can be blamed for the spreading of highly destructive fires in commercial kitchens. Specialist cleaning can act as a significant line of defense by removing grease and fat deposits, which are responsible for spreading fires. As a result, all industry and legal regulations, including TR-19, require kitchen extract cleaning to be conducted on a regular basis by accredited professionals, helping to ensure optimal safety within the workplace. In addition to this, commercial kitchens undergoing regular canopy and extract cleaning typically experience compliance with the insurance conditions of all major providers, and a reduced risk of infestation and contamination.
  • Is commercial kitchen canopy cleaning worth it?
    Canopy cleaning is not just ‘worth it’, but in most cases (especially within commercial kitchens) a legal requirement for non-domestic properties. In spaces held to TR-19 standards, a professional company that's able to perform duct cleaning to a number of set standards, and to provide certification and documentation acting as evidence of cleaning undertaken must be hired at least once every year (sometimes multiple times a year depending on usage) to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the canopy system. In addition to keeping buildings across all sectors in line with legal and TR-19 standards, canopy cleaning offers the following benefits to commercial kitchens: - Reduced fire risk - Decreased risk of infestation - Insurance compliance - Reduced risk of closure and prosecution - Improved safety levels for all building users
  • How often should kitchen canopies be cleaned?
    There are several factors that influence how often your kitchen canopy and extract system should be cleaned - primarily how much use it experiences on a daily basis. Whilst many legal requirements stipulate that canopy cleaning should be undertaken by accredited professionals at least once every year, most kitchen systems will require more frequent cleaning in order to stay in line with health and safety regulations. If in doubt, Ayrshire Canopy Cleaning are proud to offer a free, no-obligation consultation service, during which our own certified air duct technician will work with you to establish the best canopy cleaning frequency for your kitchen should regular cleaning be required. There is a table down below which is quite useful in describing how we would determine how often your system may need to be cleaned.
  • How much does canopy cleaning cost?
    The cost of commercial kitchen canopy cleaning is highly dependent on a number of factors, including the type and accessibility of the extract system in its entirety (including canopy, fan, and ductwork), whether your cleaning service is offered on a contractual or one-off basis & the condition of the ductwork is also taken into consideration. The cleaning requirements of kitchen canopy systems and extract systems can differ so greatly that the vast majority of service providers will charge a set price according to the individual requirements. Ayrshire Canopy Cleaning are proud to offer our clients a free, no-obligation consultation, during which we’ll evaluate your canopy cleaning requirements, and establish a price, which can be later sent over email.
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